T56 (LT1 era)

Posted By: 345HP87SSAC

T56 (LT1 era) - 07/18/19 11:42 PM

Looking for a 6 speed or an aftermarket 5 speed for a new project I am starting.
KC MO is my residence.
Posted By: 345HP87SSAC

Re: T56 (LT1 era) - 08/02/19 10:29 PM

Posted By: 2sabeSS

Re: T56 (LT1 era) - 08/12/19 09:22 PM

low mile(96k) great running lt1/t56 in a 97 bird---4k with bird,or 3k for drive train and pedal assembly,hydraulics,etc.PLUS freight.i have a SS im gonna be rapping up b4 winter for a client in chicago,maybe itch a ride that way?pm me if interested.
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