Posted By: 38384montess F body ls1 rear brake conversion parts - 06/06/19 04:12 PM
Hi all, as the title states I am looking for rear disc brake pieces to convert the rear of my 83 Monte over. Especially interested in the backing plates with the mounts, most everything else is obtainable thru a parts place. Also not looking to spend an arm and a leg on used/ salvage yard pieces. Due to you can buy new stuff if I really wanted to, but would rather spend that money else where if not necessary. Thank you all for your time.
I don't think you can buy new backing plates, I did my conversion a couple years ago and one side might of been available new, or neither one was, I forget. I ended up looking south for clean ones, the backing plates around here I'd find were typically rusted pretty good. Also can be a minor pain to pull in a yard, depending on how the yard is setup. I found mine on ebay, think the person was selling many sets over time for people converting to rear discs. Then found the calipers locally at a salvage yard.
Posted By: 2sabeSS Re: F body ls1 rear brake conversion parts - 06/20/19 04:12 PM
[img][/img] here you go.lmk i have 6 sets and complete front and rear setups as well.
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