Stall on tight S corner

Posted By: Lugan87

Stall on tight S corner - 02/23/20 05:05 PM

Hi all, yesterday I attended a car show at a local track which concluded with a few parade laps around their race track. With my wife and son along for the ride, we had a great time. Being almost at the end of the "parade" of cars, with ample space between us I was able to drive a bit more freely. Admittedly my tank was at the half way mark, but mid through a down hill tight S, off the throttle, my car decides to stall. I immediately cranked and restarted and continued through. On lap 2, same location, I dropped to neutral, gave partial throttle, braked with my left foot, then back to drive, on the throttle out of the corner. Not ideal, but she didn't stall.

So I'd love advice on where I might start with diagnosis. Also, advice on alignment suggestions for street, occasional track would be awesome.

Car has an Edelbrock crate 350 (zz4 short block, RPM heads, Edelbrock carb and very loppy cam.
Hotchkiss control arms, stock spindles, Baer brakes, 235/45/18 tires.

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: mmc427ss

Re: Stall on tight S corner - 03/11/20 04:44 AM

First place I'd look at would be the float levels in the carb. Also which Edel carb it is, Performer or Thunder series.
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