Maple Grove Raceway

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Maple Grove Raceway - 05/01/18 02:04 PM

Well after several years of Maple Grove not catering to the little guys who just want to run their cars for fun things appear to have changed there. A new track manager is taking over operation this year and the Fri night grudge/test and tune schedule is now MUCH better. Early in the year the 2018 schedule was on their website, there was nothing for the little guy from mid Aug to track closing in Oct. The new revised schedule is on the site and WOW, what an improvement. Now instead of nothing in Sep and Oct there are 5 T&T opportunities, 21 T&T for the year. Running the car at the track in the Fall has always been my favorite time. Maple Grove is a first class track but never treated the patrons very well except for the big events. Now let's hope the new manager sees the need to continue to take care of the little guys who still make up 98% of the car hobby.

This year drag racing at Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ came to an end after 50 years, the encroachment of the expensive homes took care of that sighting the noise as the reason. Probably the same developments that don't allow an American flag to be flown.

I've raced at both Maple Grove and Cecil County dozens of times, both still out in the sticks, hopefully they stay that way for years to come.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 05/01/18 02:11 PM

They need to convert the air strip at the willow grove naval air station to a dragway. That earth is poisoned and all they talk about is neighborhoods or parks replacing it...

Great proximity to philly and bucks/montgomery county is a ton of rich folks with a lot of powerful cars, old and new.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 05/01/18 02:34 PM

That will never happen. We're lucky that they allow a few autox events at the old Warminster airport runway. Did two autox there and it's a pretty lousy surface, but, at least it's still available.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 06/04/18 03:33 PM

They just got done building a HUGE distribution center right off Rt. 40 in Northeast and they cleared out acres of forest for something else big right behind it. Cecil will be turning into Harford before too much longer. frown

I heard that the Naval Air Station was now owned by the local government (county?). We had thought about testing there at work.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 06/06/18 04:15 AM

It would be a shame to see Cecil lose that country charm, kinda out in the sticks. I'll need to make another trip there this Summer before I don't recognize the countryside.

Bernie, going to Carlisle this year for Chevy, you'd enjoy it.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 07/13/18 04:42 PM

Just saw this and went to check the Carlisle schedule... missed it.

I got a notice the other day about a public hearing about developing belvidere road and I-95. Sounds like they want to make an exit between 90 and 101 to bring more people to 40 where they are planning their commercial development.

We are moving north a bit, further into the country. Under contract as of yesterday on a house on 17-acres with a ~30X45' pole barn... insulated and heated/cooled! Time to expand the clutch pedal empire lmao
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 07/14/18 02:55 AM

If i remember you're in Pa now, farther north, farther from job.
Hey, Harrisburg Farm Show autox is now closer.
When I ran there in May I had heard they had lost the Hershey Park lot, and also the Farm Show lot was not available next year. Repaving it and don't want it tore up by autox next year.
Not a lot of events left on their schedule this year, may try to do the last one in on Sept 9. Sept 8 doing the Kenny Wallace dirt thing with 2 friends, may be hard to get out of the house to race cars two days in a row.

Concrads on the new place. Bigger is better when you're young, you have the energy to take care of it.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 07/16/18 10:34 PM

Anyone know how the weather was there on Sunday.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 07/17/18 10:46 AM

Didn't make the trip there this year. It poured late Sun morning, show cars went back in the trailers. Racing eliminations didn't end until 6:30 pm Sun, so you know it was a mess there until well after lunch.
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Re: Maple Grove Raceway - 07/18/18 07:01 PM

We're in MD now and staying in MD with the move. Pretty close to the line though. The work commute won't be much longer if any, due to the fact that I can get to a major road more quickly. It's only a 12 minute drive from one house to the other.
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