1986 Monte Carlo SS

Posted By: Dirte's 86SS

1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/01/13 03:05 AM

I have a bunch of stuff for my 1986 Monte Carlo SS that I need to sell this includes the frame, body and whatever else is in my garage that goes with the car. I have already had the frame media blasted and painted it with KBS coatings frame resto paint and frame mounts repaired. There is a ton of stuff, way too much for me to list. Ideally I would like to sell everything in one package. If someone wants everything, I will sell it all for $5,000. You would have to come pick it all up though. Some of these items are way too large to ship so I won't.

Brand New Quik Performance Ford 9” rear- 3.70 gears, posi and disc brakes. Paid $3400 - Asking $2400

Spohn Upper and Lower A-Arms- Coilover set up with 1-way adjustable QA1 shocks. Asking $1200

QA1 Rear coil overs-Asking 400

Spohn Rear dual adjustable upper and lower control arms- Asking $450

Used doors, from phoenix, no rust-$250

New Driver’s and Passenger side fender- $200 for both

Cipher Auto Bucket seats (black with red stitching) and 5 point harnesses-$300

Brand New, US Super Sport 2” hood-Stock Number TMCH-82- Paid $650, asking $500.

There is a bunch of stuff that I haven't listed so if you ask about it and I have it, I will update the original post to include the asking price. I can take pictures of whatever you want but don't have the time to right now. Just ask and I will make it happen. Thanks for looking

Posted By: Dirte's 86SS

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/01/13 05:56 PM

Oh I forgot to mention, reasonable offers will not be refused.

Posted By: nawlins-tim

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/06/13 12:47 AM

Any seat parts around. I have a set of bucket seats that are in need of seat adjusters. I was just looking through old post and thought I would ask. Tim
Posted By: Bricktop

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/06/13 03:35 AM

have the motor mounts? I need the uppers, that bolt to the block.
Posted By: Dirte's 86SS

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/08/13 04:17 AM

I don't have the old motor mounts or old seat parts. I do have the adjusters and mounts for the Cipher seats but would like to keep them all together.

Posted By: SilveradoHD

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/09/13 06:27 PM

PM sent on rear control arms
Posted By: Dirte's 86SS

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/14/13 06:27 PM

All PMs replied to.

Posted By: U_Lose

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/15/13 07:59 PM

What color interior doe it have?
Posted By: 88ss408

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/18/13 09:55 PM

looking for the seat belts the ones that are bolted to the floor besides the console.
and also maybe interested in the seat tracks you have?
Posted By: oemtech

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 12/30/13 02:29 AM

Any pics of the rear control arms?
Posted By: Amp

Re: 1986 Monte Carlo SS - 01/05/14 05:13 AM

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