Front Seats

Posted By: Keithss

Front Seats - 06/07/19 10:55 AM

I my have both front seats, with tracks, and the rear seat covers, for sale soon.
Both are in grate shape, almost like new.
These are out of a 1985 Monte Carlo SS, burgundy in color.
When available I can send pictures. Location is in Jackson Michigan
Posted By: T5montecarlo

Re: Front Seats - 06/11/19 12:31 PM

How much?

Do you also have a good used carpet?
Posted By: Keithss

Re: Front Seats - 06/14/19 10:35 AM

$250 for both front seats, and the rear seat covers, plus shipping.
If you want pictures PM me with your E-mail and I can send them to you.
I do not have the carpet, I just replaced my seats with Scat seats and had them recovered in leather.
My car only had 34,000 miles on it.
Posted By: 2085Monte

Re: Front Seats - 07/02/19 03:08 PM

Would you sell the headrest?
Posted By: Keithss

Re: Front Seats - 07/09/19 11:04 PM

Sorry for the late response.
I have been out of town for a few day, just got home today.
I do not want to separate them. selling it all as one.
Posted By: Huskerfan

Re: Front Seats - 07/28/19 02:30 PM

Still available? Can I get some pictures? Thanks Jeff
Posted By: Keithss

Re: Front Seats - 07/29/19 09:53 AM

PM Sent
Posted By: Keithss

Re: Front Seats - 08/11/19 11:13 AM

Listing removed for now.
A friend of mine might want them.
Posted By: jmireles

Re: Front Seats - 09/11/19 01:01 AM

So did your friend want them? Will they be for sale soon?
Posted By: Keithss

Re: Front Seats - 09/28/19 08:41 PM

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your question.
My friend still says he wants them, and he offered me $300 for both front seat and the rear seat covers.
I have yet to see any money, and at one time I thought another member on here might want them.
Again sorry for the slow response
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