cheap way to unlock a 700 tranny

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cheap way to unlock a 700 tranny - 07/30/12 06:44 PM

Cheap way to unlock the converter in a 200/700 tranny


Hi All,
Russ did this to his car and now will fix my monte
Here is my hubbys write up
I was looking at vacuum switches to unlock the converter(now I use a toggle switch)
But I got an idea and it worked.
The cost is $8.25 shipped
Yep I poked around e-bay, and came up with a motorcycle stop light switch.
So I got one(EMGO 46-50700) It fits a yam3137-82530-00
anyway I got .
But it is built wrong,as it's built as you pull the plunger out it makes the contact,this is backwards for what I wanted.
Also it pulled a little to hard.
Take it apart it's $8.25!!!
To take it apart you take the big spring off the front of it(it just slips off) dont toss it you need it.
Take the rubber/plastic part off the rear end,that the wires come out of,and the thing falls apart.
I look at the spring inside and then took a ball point pen apart,took the spring from the pen and used it to replace the one in the switch(this worked good)
Then I looked at the contact inside the switch.It is just a copper sleeve over a nylon part that the rod runs through,and out the front of the switch.
So I fliped that sleeve and contact around and now it brakes the current when the switch is pulled.
Put it back together and use the bige spring that was on the front of the switch when we started to make a small paper clip out of,and put it back on the front of the switch.
Then I mounted it in front of the carb,used some beaded chain to conect it to the carb and played with it till i got it adjusted.
Now it unlockes the converter and lockes it back up when you get off the gas.
I used the original toggle switch to ground the circuit,so now I used the modified switch to do it.
I hope this can help someone.
I even took pictures
Sorry,the pics are too big to load
E mail and I can send them
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Re: cheap way to unlock a 700 tranny - 08/04/12 01:38 PM

It locks up when you let off the gas? Pretty neat though.
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