How to make your own Dual Snorkel setup

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How to make your own Dual Snorkel setup - 10/28/07 10:15 PM

1. Find single snorkel. Don't worry about messing yours up. You can't, you won't.

2. Use a Metal Cutting Disk for Polisher/Sander. Makes a nice clean cut.

3. Cut metal from old snorkel about 1" on each side of snorkel. Once your at the bottom of the snorkel, but in about 1 inch there too. See bottom for picture.

4. Now place air cleaner on the Carb. DON'T START CUTTING UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT IS WHERE YOU WANT THE 2nd Snorkel!! You might hit a hose or brace if you don't try it first. (Use sharpy or what ever to trace width of the base of the 2nd snorkel. You Only have to trace the width. Now cut inside the lines you just traced by about 1/2".

So to this point. You have one snorkel all by it's self. You just traced lines on your good air cleaner, knowing it will work if 2nd snorkel has room.

5. Now make sure you only cut to the bottom of the curve, NO FURTHER! You need that 1 inlay to place a couple Rivets or Weld it to the bottom!

6. Place other snorkel with cut snorkel inside of air cleaner. If the snorkel doesn't fit. Trim the snorkel a bit. No harm here. My slid right down on first try. LUCK. lol.

7. Pull it tight and presto. Drill holes where the rivets will be placed. Then rivet it up. Mine took 5, which was plenty to seal it up and hold it. Believe me, matches perfectly like it was supposed to be there!

Now it's up to you what you do from here. The dual snorkel is yours now.

Tools I used.

1. Polisher/Sander - $10 @ Harbor freights Tools.

2. Metal Cutting Disk - $10 for a full box. Only need 1 though.

3. Rivet gun/with rivets - $7 @ Harbor freight Tools.

4. New Hoses where ordered from Advance Auto. Don't order it online as it costs more. Go to the store and order it, only $12 a piece. Called, Motormite Hose Intake, Part #96056.

5. Find another Plastic Radiator Support like our stock one to place on the other side of original snorkel placement.

Really, in all, this cost me very little, even after pant. I have most of the tools needed. As should most of whom ever is looking to do this. Or just borrow them from someone.

The hard part is finding a donor single snorkel. Each junk yard I called didn't have one. Till I personally walked throughout the yard and found 2 in the trunks of our Montes.

It's very easy to built. So don't sweat it. Took me maybe 10 minutes to cut and rivet mine. Sanding and painting was the long part.

Picture of Inside Aircleaner:

Here you can see where the cuts where made on the inside of the air cleaner:

I hope this helps in not having to buy an costly original Dual Snorkel.
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Re: How to make your own Dual Snorkel setup - 11/12/07 02:06 AM

In addition to the above, you can keep your heat riser system operating as stock by tapping into the vacuum line (with a vacuum T) going to the original thermac valve and running vacuum line over to the new thermac valve. To be effective, you will also want to drill out the spot welds and remove the heat riser flange on the new snorkel, then attach a blockoff plate (so only hot air can come in through the original snorkel).

Another method for mounting the second snorkel is to drill out only the spot welds on the donor breather, cut out an oval hole in the new breather as required (dremel works well) and attach to breather with rivets (or spot weld again like the factory).
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Re: How to make your own Dual Snorkel setup - 11/26/15 02:43 PM

Bringing this back from the dead. Working on this setup but having difficulty locating ducting as the PN mentioned in this thread seems to be discontinued. Any other suggestions or part numbers ? I am using 2 of the factory plastic scoops so I need a slightly longer duct for the DS to get around the AC Compressor
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