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SS WHEEL RESTORATION - 06/13/15 09:31 PM

After exhausting a search for a paint code for the SS rims to no avail. I decided to conquer the quest myself. After going through five spray cans of experimental mixes I finally came up with a near perfect match. (To my eyes anyway). If your interested PM me and I will give you the DuPont chroma base mix in grams for a spray paint can which you can get at most good auto part paint stores that mix paint. I'm in the process of restoring my rims as we speak. John
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Re: SS WHEEL RESTORATION - 06/28/15 12:31 AM

I experienced the same frustration so I did the same thing! Check out my post from several years ago

You're right. There is no paint code for the correct shade gray with the correct percentage of gloss.

It's a lot of work but well worth the results.
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Re: SS WHEEL RESTORATION - 11/09/15 02:00 AM

Great info, thanks for sharing.
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Re: SS WHEEL RESTORATION - 12/18/15 12:19 AM

more info
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