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Overdrive - 10/04/21 01:23 PM

I changed the distributor to a self contained hei one. Also changed my carb to a edlebrock. My question is will I now lose my overdrive? If so what do I have to do to be able to have it operate. Thanks John
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Re: Overdrive - 10/04/21 03:32 PM

You don't lose overdrive, you lose torque convertor lockup as its computer controlled. Your 3 options are to remove the aftermarket parts you installed and restore the superior original factory Qjet carb and dist, install a toggle switch to manually engage and disengage the lockup which is a PITA to use, or buy an aftermarket lockup controller which do not work as well as the original factory ECM. This is partly why its better to keep the CCC system intact.
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Re: Overdrive - 10/05/21 12:44 PM

Thanks for the response
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Re: Overdrive - 10/06/21 08:17 AM

I have pretty much the same setup with Eddy carb with vacuum can dizzy. Listen to buick Runner. Keep your CCC setup.

But just in case you decided to run the current setup, I use B&M lock-up kit, which is rather expensive (This one. . Holy ^*&%! I bought this at around $150 or so, maybe 10 years ago? Must be that COVID..................). It has a speed sensor, so it's way better than the vacuum switch the cheaper one comes with. I have mine set at around 45 mph, so if the traffic is going around at that speed, it keeps going in and out of lock up, which at this point I usually turn the switch off until I go faster.

One last thing. Since you have Eddy carb, make sure your TV cable have correct geometry and adjusted correctly. If not, you'll fry your trans in no time.
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Re: Overdrive - 10/07/21 04:44 PM

Thanks for the reply
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