Disc Brakes

Posted By: Wilson

Disc Brakes - 03/15/21 10:51 AM

Currently building a 9" and researching disc brake setups. What are the do's and don't setups? I have read about caliper to frame issues. What are the go to brands and stay away from. I haven't bought a housing just yet. Going to be purchasing in next few months thanks.
Posted By: 200kSS

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/16/21 02:24 AM

I've been warned to stay far away from the cheap kits that have the parking brake included in the caliper. I prefer the drum style parking brake inside the rotor hat.
Posted By: Wilson

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/16/21 10:50 PM

So looking at kits. GM metric calipers vs the explorer brakes. Which is the preference?
Posted By: 200kSS

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/16/21 11:49 PM

Explorer brakes IMO.
Posted By: upflying

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/17/21 06:30 PM

No problem with my 9" swap with explorer brakes. Just the caliper/frame issues, fixed by clocking the calipers on the backing plate down and away from the frame.
If I did it again, I'd go with drums.
Posted By: Wilson

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/17/21 10:36 PM

That is my biggest concern is the fit of the caliper to the frame with the space that is given which isnt much.
Posted By: MattsMonte

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/18/21 02:43 AM

80% of brake stopping power is in the front discs. We spent the money on the front and upgraded to 12" ls1 brakes. On the rear we made a slight improvlement to the rear drum cylinders (Raybestos 37644 wheel cylinders, 7/8"), from 85 S10 2.8L pickup, plus new wheel cylinder clamps, new springs and holder pins along with new shoes.
Posted By: Wilson

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/19/21 01:45 PM

Hey there Upflying. How far did you have to clock the calipers?
Posted By: aeroocoupe

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/22/21 09:45 PM

I did the explorer rear disc brakes. My car is lowered 2in. In the rear 1 1/2 in the front.The ebrake hit the frame rails. Hope that this helps you.
Posted By: Tunedss86

Re: Disc Brakes - 03/23/21 08:51 PM

Kore 3 makes a few kits for the Ford 9" using GM parts. Used to be you could buy just the brackets from them, maybe still can. Can use this & if you need parts you can get them from your local GM dealer.

They still have just the brackets:

Posted By: Wilson

Re: Disc Brakes - 06/01/21 12:30 AM

Has anyone used Willwood rear disc brakes on their 9" build?
Posted By: the_merv

Re: Disc Brakes - 06/12/21 01:29 AM

over 10 years ago when I built my SS I used LT1 Fbody Rear Disc Brakes, cleared 15" drag wheels perfectly. My front brakes are the C5 Z06 setup, and they work excellent. As mentioned above the front is where the stopping power is, rear isn't that much.
Posted By: Wilson

Re: Disc Brakes - 06/12/21 08:45 PM

I have ordered a Strange Engineering 9 inch woth big Ford housing ends with 31 spline axles. It is transit now. I was going to do drum brakes but think the 11" are somewhat overkill. Hearing stories of clearance issues probably going with a wilwood setup.
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