Driveshaft Loop

Posted By: BladeOfAnduril27

Driveshaft Loop - 11/19/20 07:16 PM

Hey all.... wondering if anyone out there still makes an offset driveshaft safety loop for 700r4/T5. Looks like is down, and the dude who used to run it hasn't been seen in these parts in 8 years... There seem to be plenty of driveshaft loops available for g-bodies, just not seeing any that are offset.

Maybe this could be a new niche for Bernie to fill? haha
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Re: Driveshaft Loop - 11/21/20 01:30 AM

Yes haven't seen Jim Happe, fastmonte, for years. This may have been the last time I saw him. The wife and I were standing on the other side of the dyno. We were 50' away in a sec when the parts started to be throw out.

You can try this as a email address for Jim.

I looked at all the available loops today, doesn't seem to be anything available to bolt in for your car. My T56 install required a very long extension, 6" rearward, that was 15 years ago, made my own. A friend with a fab shop had a section of 5 1/2" OD 5" ID seamless pipe, I cut a 2" wide piece, a couple of feet of 1/4x2 flat stock and fabbed a loop to fit my install.
Even though I have a 500 dollar driveshaft the old "ounce of prevention" logic applies.

One of our members here put an LS in his Monte and had it on the chassis dyno, the stock shaft let go and made a real mess of his tunnel.
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Re: Driveshaft Loop - 11/21/20 02:01 AM

SickSpeedMonte is Bernie's username here, he comes by once in a while, better to find him on facebook, just look for Bernie Duplan and good luck!!
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Re: Driveshaft Loop - 11/23/20 07:57 PM

Ok, thanks guys.
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Re: Driveshaft Loop - 11/25/20 01:13 AM

check metco motor sports
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