700R4 Swap

Posted By: skh4194

700R4 Swap - 03/26/16 09:31 PM

Installing a 700R4 in my 1984 Monte Carlo SS in place of the factory turbo 350 and I am having trouble getting it to shift through the gears correctly. What is everyone else doing for a shift cable and bracket for this swap.

Thanks for the help
Posted By: cj84ss

Re: 700R4 Swap - 03/27/16 06:54 AM

You need a cable and bracket for the 700r4. I'd suggest one from a camaro with that trans and it should work out.
Posted By: skh4194

Re: 700R4 Swap - 03/27/16 12:22 PM

Thank you very much! Do you know of a source for a new cable to trans bracket for that setup? I did some searching online and couldn't fine much.

Thanks Again!
Posted By: mannblk

Re: 700R4 Swap - 03/27/16 12:43 PM

I would just do a simple ebay search "Camaro 700r4 tv cable and bracket" and they will pop up. HTH

I swapped an 84 out to a 200r4 and had an 86 Monte donor to snag all of the parts/pieces off. Also wired in a simple toggle switch to activate the converter lockup at speeds over 50. This will save you another 200 RPM. You will love having the OD with the 3.42's! Good luck.
Posted By: skh4194

Re: 700R4 Swap - 03/28/16 01:01 AM

I will give that a try! Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to the first test drive.
Posted By: NYmonteSS

Re: 700R4 Swap - 03/30/16 08:58 PM

you had a th350?, you will also need a shifter to run the 2004r.
Posted By: skh4194

Re: 700R4 Swap - 04/08/16 06:30 PM

Yes I had a 350th. I got a cable and bracket from an 89 camaro with a 700R4 but it will not work with the floor shift bracket in my car. Any advice on what I will need to swap in for a floor shifter that will work with my new 700r4.

Thanks in advance!
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