4l80e help

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4l80e help - 05/27/14 05:46 AM

Need to figure how much I need my drive shaft shorten. And if I can a 200r 4 crossmember
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Re: 4l80e help - 05/27/14 07:32 PM

I don't remember how much to shorten the driveshaft, I know that mine was over the 2" mark with an 8.5 rearend, but I can tell you that the 200r4 crossmember (I had an iceman) worked, but the mounting hole had to be cut and lengthened, and after I did it, the transmission didn't sit quite right, had a really odd angle. Good luck!
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Re: 4l80e help - 05/28/14 01:15 AM

Every car will be a little different. I didn't even pay attention to how long my shaft is because every bolt bushing and mount comes into play. Put the engine and trans in and measure it.

Measure twice; cut once.
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Re: 4l80e help - 06/03/14 04:21 AM

How would you go about measuring to find the proper measurements
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Re: 4l80e help - 06/03/14 11:41 AM

call a driveshaft shop and ask.
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