88 SS White w/Gray int

Posted By: liqrman

88 SS White w/Gray int - 09/21/21 02:44 AM

I have an 88 White w/grey interior. Is this color combo rare? All the others I've seen have the burgundy interior.
Posted By: PB86SS/87LS

Re: 88 SS White w/Gray int - 09/21/21 01:08 PM

White with gray is definitely less common, as you noticed. How someone defines "rare" is subjective. I wouldn't call that rare personally, it's in that unique or harder to find category like maroon with gray interiors (85/86 only), both the black/saddle and white/saddle combo's, with white/saddle probably the least common or closest thing to rare. A little more common than your combo but still not as common is black/gray(especially 87/88's) and silver/burgundy, compared to black/burgundy and silver/gray combo's. If you check the SS registry you can get a very rough idea on the color combo's. Small sample size but enough cars in there that I feel it gives a rough % to these types of things.
Posted By: liqrman

Re: 88 SS White w/Gray int - 10/05/21 10:38 PM

Thanks for the info.
Posted By: jannhall

Re: 88 SS White w/Gray int - 10/06/21 12:37 AM

White and grey complement each other, most cars nowadays have this combination.
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