Headliner replacement

Posted By: Joe’s Monte

Headliner replacement - 08/12/21 09:18 PM

Hey everyone
Looking to replace my headliner on my ‘86 Monte t-top. Are the abs headliners worth the money? What is the best option ? Also I have the original grey interior ..which grey should I be looking for when choosing products from sites like MikesMonte or DixieRestoration ?
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Re: Headliner replacement - 08/13/21 01:00 AM

Joe, I went to a local upholstery shop and asked what it would cost to recover my ttop headliner. The shop owner said if I take it out and bring it over, it would be $35.00, if they had to do all the work, it would be $50.00. You have to remove the rear seats and at least on side of the interior panel in the backseat and that is what I did along with some other pieces to get the headliner out. It's shorter on the ttop cars and I feel, easier to remove and reinstall. Can't give any advice on the ABS headliners, but some here have used them and are happy with them. Good luck with your car!
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Re: Headliner replacement - 08/13/21 01:42 PM

Mike should be able to tell you the color and get you the material. The new fabric has a 1/4" foam backer so its really pretty easy to recover yourself.
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Re: Headliner replacement - 08/14/21 01:29 PM

I did my headliner 15 years ago with a product called Heads Up. I managed to save the original foam backer...but it is very fragile. Still looks perfect today.
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Re: Headliner replacement - 08/18/21 10:07 PM

Thanks guys for the reply…sounds like I will steer away from the abs and try to get the fabric and replace it myself . Thanks for your info. It always helps !
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Re: Headliner replacement - 08/19/21 12:51 AM

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