Posted By: 88ss408 - 03/12/15 11:13 PM

Hey just wondering if anybody has got anything from them?
I am thinking on getting some inlays for my Monte and my truck.
Posted By: LXXXIV SS

Re: - 03/13/15 02:29 AM

Dumb question, sorry..... but what's an inlay?
Posted By: 88ss408

Re: - 03/13/15 10:16 AM

Its a cover you put over your stock gauges to change colors and what not.
Posted By: jamin87ss

Re: - 03/19/15 08:14 PM

yes, I had them many years ago on my Monte, they work and look great, take your time, if I installed anyone can, hardest part is removing the needles, BE GENTLE, man its been so long, maybe somebody knows on here, but you can change the bulbs also, between the bulb change and gauge inlays you won't believe how different it is, wish I had a picture for ya, there gone about 4 computers back lol
Posted By: 88ss408

Re: - 03/19/15 09:19 PM

So they last pretty good? And fit good? That's what I wanted to know.
I think I will try a set
Posted By: jamin87ss

Re: - 03/22/15 02:18 PM

fit great, I had the car for a cpl years then sold it,
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