Master cylinder blew up

Posted By: 8T7AERO

Master cylinder blew up - 11/16/20 02:34 AM

I was testing/checking for leaks after installing disc Wilwoods front and rear. I put brake fluid in the reservoir, place the cap back on and started to pump the brakes a few dozen or so times, when I got out to check for leaks I saw fluid leaking from the driver side and then noticed it was coming the master cylinder, the reservoir separated at the primary side (aft side) from the body of the master cylinder. Anyone have any idea what would have caused this????
Posted By: malibudave78

Re: Master cylinder blew up - 11/19/20 01:10 PM

Do you have pictures?
Posted By: 8T7AERO

Re: Master cylinder blew up - 11/19/20 05:05 PM

Yes, but still can't figure out how to post pictures here.
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