"LS1" rear brakes

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"LS1" rear brakes - 09/26/16 01:59 PM

I'm planning on converting my SS's rear to the 98-02 "LS1" rear brakes over winter and wondering for those who have done it, where did you source your parts?

I came across a deal, or so I thought, a guy parting out a 99' Camaro who was about to scrap the remains, sold the rear (he pulled/cut it out) for $75. Hauled it home without really inspecting it, calipers appear fine but the backing plates are rusty/banged up, the thicker flange that the caliper brackets bolt to will clean up fine but it doesn't appear there is a source for just the backing plates themselves. I plan to look at a couple salvage yards in the next couple weeks locally but am resigned to the fact finding clean ones around here might be hard to do. I see them on eBay but it seems a bit pricey for just flanges/backing plates, $100-150, unless that's just cost of doing business (i.e.e if you wanna play, you gotta pay).

Or if anyone has a source or ability to get a clean set(salt free part of the country), I'd be interested smile .
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Re: "LS1" rear brakes - 09/26/16 02:22 PM


ACDELCO 10444626 GM Original Equipment

Still around $85 each plus the ride, but they are new.

The part number you need I think is:
12454976, but of course its been discontinued.
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Re: "LS1" rear brakes - 09/26/16 02:41 PM

Thanks, checked rockauto and found just the LH side is available it appears complete, flange/backing plate. Would consider new if I could get the pair, especially if I can't do better than what I see on eBay price wise.
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