Changing rims

Posted By: monte_man_2020

Changing rims - 03/12/16 05:33 PM

I had bought last year the 14" checkerboard rims and going to be putting them on soon. I need to do a brake job also and was wondering if I can upgrade my OEM calipers with better ones. Either way the ones on there now are going and have plans to putting in a stroker 383 engine.
Posted By: cj84ss

Re: Changing rims - 03/12/16 08:29 PM

Upgrade to a good set of pads because the 14 inch wheels will limit the size of brakes
Posted By: monte_man_2020

Re: Changing rims - 03/13/16 03:43 PM

Would you recommend thermo quiet or jump onto jc Whitney or one of those aftermarket sites? I put Raybestos (don't know if I spelled right) on my charger in the rear.
Posted By: tomh115

Re: Changing rims - 03/13/16 07:19 PM

I have Wagner thermostat quiet pads on the SS and I love them. A friend with a 66 GTO recommended them to me. They are cheaper if you order them from rock auto than buying them at your local store (or they were last year)
Posted By: monte_man_2020

Re: Changing rims - 03/24/16 05:46 PM

I had ordered them through eBay for $30 cheaper anywhere else. Thanks for the recommendation!
Posted By: upflying

Re: Changing rims - 03/24/16 08:35 PM

Besides limited brake upgrades you will also have limited performance tire choices with 14" wheels. Brake cooling could be blocked a bit more by smaller wheels.
While I admire Checkerboard wheels for stock restorations, they may not be the best choice for your 383 stroker plans.
Posted By: Hunter79764

Re: Changing rims - 03/24/16 11:32 PM

I'm running 14's on mine, don't know if I have had much issue with brake performance since I've only had 14's since I got it so I can't make a good comparison.
As for tires, 245/60 was the biggest size I could get for 14's, in BF Goodrich Radial TA. It keeps about the same diameter vs the stock non-SS tires while getting significantly more tread under it. I had a hard time getting two of them about 5 years ago though. Don't know if they dropped them or just didn't have many at the time.
Posted By: RenoReno2

Re: Changing rims - 03/25/16 03:43 AM

Ive been using those Wagners for like 15 years now on all of my cars and they are great pads. Take a look at US Brake, they sell an oversized piston caliper for our gbodies. I bought them for mine but as you know I've yet to drive the car
Posted By: monte_man_2020

Re: Changing rims - 03/27/16 03:25 AM

@hunter79764 do you have pics of your ride? If im reading your footer on your posts but you have a 5.3L with those 14" rims?
Posted By: Hunter79764

Re: Changing rims - 03/27/16 04:06 AM

Yeah, it's a stock 5.3, so around 300 HP. I've got the V6 rear and a 3 speed, so it basically acts like a "normal" car that's missing 1st gear. 1st gear runs to 75+, 2nd is probably around 115 mph, I'm running about 2100 rpm on the highway.
I got rid of the stock steelies and installed some Chevelle SS rims (yes, they were offered in 14x6). Even with the tall rear gear, I have to feather it off the line for a good start.

I don't have enough pictures, but there's a couple here
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