AC belt alignment question

Posted By: tigerss

AC belt alignment question - 01/13/16 10:08 PM

I changed my power steering pump in my 85 recently and i cant figure out why the ac belt isnt aligned right. I looked over everything I did (without tearing back apart) and can't find anything wrong.

I had somebody look it over and said the pump pulley was overtightened but i dont see that accounting for enough to matter. Plus it looked like its angled backward not just screwed on too tightly. Tilted with the top to the back of the car. Anybody have any ideas?
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Re: AC belt alignment question - 01/14/16 12:49 AM

Looks like you are missing a mount bolt on the top front of the AC compressor? The broken one
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Re: AC belt alignment question - 01/14/16 12:50 AM

Here's what it looks like stock, straight, and functional on an '87 MCSS if it helps you out:

Can't say I can tell for sure what the problem is. The one guess I have is that it looks as if your AC compressor pulleys stick out further than mine. That's where my money would be were I a betting man...

Good luck with it!
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Re: AC belt alignment question - 01/14/16 01:24 AM

Thanks that pic helps. Dont currently have my other ss at the house.

There does look like theres less of a gap in yours. Will further investigate in the light.
Posted By: mmc427ss

Re: AC belt alignment question - 01/14/16 02:56 AM

Using about a 24" long straight edge place it across the face of the crank pulley in the direction of the P/S pulley, then check the A/C pulley. This will give you an idea of where those pulleys should be in reference to the crank pulley.

The P/S pulley is a press on. When someone pressed the old pulley onto the new pump they may have not set the depth of the pulley correctly.

On both the pump and A/C compressor there is some wiggle room for alignment. Make sure all three adjusting points for the for the pump are being used. Make sure all four bolts for the A/C compressor are being used and that the brace from the compressor bracket to the intake manifold is installed.

When you change a pump the pulley needs to be removed to remove the bracket behind the pulley, three bolts if I remember correctly. There may be a problem with the height of one of the threaded areas in the pump itself, like one being higher than the others. They should all be the same height. Stranger things have happened when installing somethings that is designed for fit a million cars. The pump that was the oddball for one application gets throw into the million car "fits all" batch. Somehow it ends up on someones workbench. Been there, done that.

Figure out which pulley, or both, is out of alignment using the straight edge.
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