Frame Notching question

Posted By: Keithss

Frame Notching question - 09/30/15 09:16 PM

Does notching the rear of the frame for larger tire size weaken the frame? To me, even with a 1/4 inch plate wielded in, it seem like it would still want to twist.
I am thinking about doing it, but concerned about strength.
Posted By: pazzo1969

Re: Frame Notching question - 10/02/15 02:26 AM

did a few gbodies, this was my last one. click on link below it will take you to some pics. there should be about 10 there, just hit the right arrow on the pic to continue. this notch went all the way to the center of the frame. then re-welded the factory piece back on, i did use 1/4" plate at the notch backs at the front and rear. not shown, lost pics. i hole sawed 3 1 1/2" holes and put tubing thru the frame and welded them in. really strong result.
Posted By: Jameson

Re: Frame Notching question - 10/02/15 02:27 AM

Its reinforced when it is done... And most also add bracing as well. But honestly all the torsion of the frame is located in the middle, not behind the tires. Frankly the back end of the chassis is not doing much as the control arm pick up points are forward of the axle. Its not like a leaf spring car that the rear frame rails support the vehicle.
Posted By: RenoReno2

Re: Frame Notching question - 10/02/15 03:46 AM

My only concern with doing this on a car that's driven on the road is getting rear ended the frame has been severely compromised in this situation
Posted By: TerMonteNatorSS1986

Re: Frame Notching question - 10/10/15 08:52 AM

I don't know the exact setup, but usually in metal fabrication, you want to avoid sharp angles as much as you can in order to avoid stress lines concentrating in one area, and causing a fracture.
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