Big block 454

Posted By: ray6914

Big block 454 - 07/22/21 08:56 PM

What is everybody using for headers for Big blocks in 84 Monte Carlos any information would be appreciated any part numbers thanks
Posted By: stew'86MCSS396

Re: Big block 454 - 07/24/21 02:17 AM

Hooker 2241s when unbolted will fallout of the car is what I was told. Has couple of primary slip tubes which may cause issues when ceramic coated. Mini-starter recommended. I never installed knowing it may interfere with the z-bar and ended up trading them for other parts.
Posted By: Canal

Re: Big block 454 - 08/25/21 03:00 AM

I have some hooker comps BBC. Fit real nice, don’t remember the pet number. Took them out and drop an ls in it now.
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