Exhaust manifold DORMAN 674-653

Posted By: chriscris

Exhaust manifold DORMAN 674-653 - 09/05/19 07:55 PM

Would anyone know if there is a difference between aa '86 and '87 right side manifold?
I have an '87, and the DORMAN part say it only goes up to an '86.

DORMAN exhaust manifold 674-653

Thanks for any help

Posted By: 88ss408

Re: Exhaust manifold DORMAN 674-653 - 09/06/19 02:25 PM

I am not sure. But I think they just list till 86 as they changed heads 83-86 has the 416 heads and 87-88 have the 081 but the manis should be the same.
Posted By: T5montecarlo

Re: Exhaust manifold DORMAN 674-653 - 09/09/19 12:51 AM

There is a different part number for the right exhaust manifold for 1987-1988 (14101054) than for 1983-1986 (14014500).

The Y-pipe is the same, so they must have changed something when the valve cover design changed...very strange.
Posted By: 86ttop

Re: Exhaust manifold DORMAN 674-653 - 09/09/19 01:08 AM

Marc, I think you hit the nail on the head, I recall someone doing an engine swap to a later engine in an 86 and he said the valve covers hit the exhaust manifolds, he did a bit if grinding at the contact points on the manifolds and all was well.
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