Headers for a SBC

Posted By: gbodyracing

Headers for a SBC - 08/09/18 02:11 AM

Hello everyone, I think I may know the answer to this question but does anyone make a set of shorty or mid length headers for a g body Monte Carlo that have 1.75" diameter primary tubes and a 3" collector?

Thanks idea
Posted By: BadSS

Re: Headers for a SBC - 08/10/18 02:55 AM

Dyno Don's are the only ones that I'm aware of. They're a little pricey, but all the feedback indicates the fit and quality are top notch. For description and photo reference, these are ceramic coated, have air tubes, and a 2.5" ball collector ($605), but Dyno Don can make them however you want them.;manufacturer_id=34&product_id=247

[Linked Image]

These are without air tubes $565;manufacturer_id=34&product_id=248

I know he's put a 3" header flange on some before but not sure if he'll sell them without the coating or not. If the you want anything different, he frequents and could be reached that way.
Posted By: gbodyracing

Re: Headers for a SBC - 09/14/18 02:11 AM

BadSS - perfect, thank you very much for your help.
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