CCC system questions

Posted By: kwkenuf85

CCC system questions - 03/10/16 10:41 PM

The computer of this system adjusts the timing of the distibutor and also controls the mixture solenoid in the carb to try and hit a target A/F ratio, correct?

I see guys running this system on 350's and 383's (and maybe bigger) with success. That's understandable because the Q'jet is more than capable of providing the air and fuel for more power. But what about the computer itself? Does this need to be "tuned" like, say, a TPI computer would need to be tuned for upgrades? I see guys talking about the ZZ4 chip, but it seems to be more for EGR delete. I assume the normal Q'jet upgrades need to be made for the new air and fuel requirements, but I am somewhat lost on the computer side of it.

I ask because I am looking at slipping a 350 back in instead of the old tired 305. I am on a "budget" so using most of the stock stuff would be nice. Plus, having things like timing and fuel "adjustable" sounds nice.

Any comments and insight would be nice, thanks!
Posted By: cj84ss

Re: CCC system questions - 03/10/16 11:12 PM

Yes the stock Q-jet is more than capable to support a 350. As for the computer you will be fine with it. Just need to swap over the sensors from the stock engine to the new one so the computer sees everything it needs to to do its job. Been running my stock CCC system 84 on a vortec headed 355 for years with no issues.
Posted By: Bitflipper

Re: CCC system questions - 03/10/16 11:43 PM

The ECM (computer) most certainly does control the timing advance based on numerous inputs. You may get a little more power from either swapping in an 1228079 ECM ('87 or '88 SS) and then perhaps even a little better from a ZZ4 PROM, though I have no hard feedback from anyone doing a before & after dyno test or anything else really scientific to prove that out.

Similarly, the ECM controls the mixture control solenoid duty cycle for the Quadrajet, and again, the parameters are notably different between stock and ZZ4. I would suppose that the ZZ4 parameters are "better" for the larger engine given that the ZZ4 was a 350 cu in engine, but again, no scientific measurement backs that.

One side advantage of the customized ZZ4 chip that I offer is that you can plug a scanner into the ALDL port and tune your car with it running without the presence of the scanner affecting the timing. The stock chip advances the timing considerably when a scanner is plugged in, making it nearly impossible to fine tune your (say) initial timing and watch how the knock sensor is reacting to that.

I hope that helps at least a little.
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