Fiberglass hood finish.

Posted By: johnz138

Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/05/21 03:06 PM

Had a fiberglass hood made for the monte. Needs some work to be smooth. What did u all do/use on your fiberglass hoods. It wasn't cheap so I want it to look good.

Posted By: jannhall

Re: Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/11/21 01:03 AM

It's been almost a week, how did the installation of the fiberglass hood go?
Posted By: johnz138

Re: Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/11/21 04:41 PM

Still not on the car yet. Hood in one location, car in another, lol. But i wanna test fit it and start sanding it. Just didnt know what grit to start at and then move to ect... it was pricey to make so i wanna make sure it turns out good and i dont get to crazy sanding it smooth.
Posted By: AkronAero

Re: Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/11/21 04:57 PM

JohnZ - as fiberglass hoods are available for G-bodies (limited choices for sure) what are you doing differently? Cowl, scoop, overall shape, mounting???? Fascinating and lots of potential here, and we applaud your efforts and creativity!!!
Posted By: johnz138

Re: Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/11/21 10:17 PM

I had a ram air hood made with airbox. Its a bolt on hood. But the hood needs some sanding to smooth it out.
Posted By: AkronAero

Re: Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/11/21 11:15 PM

Nice - photos along the way too???
Posted By: johnz138

Re: Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/12/21 06:41 AM

I have some from when they were making it, and i took a photo of it when i inspected it when it was delivered. Now its boxed back up waiting to take to the car. Was kinda keepin it under wraps til i could put it on car. After though i'll post some.
Posted By: markg

Re: Fiberglass hood finish. - 11/17/21 12:55 AM

i have 2 harwood cowl hoods on my montes.both are 4 was painted yrs ago and 2 yrs ago all of the clearcoat started peeling off.
to make it worse i hit a deer around the same time and did a number on the front end and hood.i managed to get the hood decent looking again and decided doring covid lockdown i was going to paint it with rustoleum like ive seen on youtube.
i did it 3 times.
each time i didnt like it i stripped it off again.the 3rd time came out decent and after tons of wetsanding i got it good(for me anyway)
then i cleared it ,wetsanded again and polised it.i even put the 383 stickers back on under the clear.

im happy with it but would not reccomend this to anyone.
way too much time and effort.

the other hood was brand new but i got it cheap because it had a ding in it.
it is black gelcoat.
i thought the gelcoat would stay black but no matter how hard you wetsand and polish and wax it it always turns white and chalky after a few weeks.
i dont care because eventually ill paint it .
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