Air Cleaner decal.

Posted By: David

Air Cleaner decal. - 05/23/20 12:53 PM

Does anyone make the decal that goes on top of the aircleaner assembly? It says "Monte Carlo SS 180 HP"
Posted By: BadSS

Re: Air Cleaner decal. - 05/23/20 02:26 PM

I'm not aware of any. Depending on how bad you want one, you may have to find a design you like and have a local print shop make a custom one. Extra stickers are usually not much to add, so you may be able to sell a few to offset the original cost.
Posted By: David

Re: Air Cleaner decal. - 05/23/20 02:31 PM

Thanks Bad xxxx ....Mine is not in "bad" shape....but want to paint the whole assembly and can tape it off, but would rather have a nice fresh new one.
Posted By: 86ttop

Re: Air Cleaner decal. - 05/23/20 04:10 PM

Actually, there never was one on our cars, probably something that was made for someone!
Posted By: mmc427ss

Re: Air Cleaner decal. - 05/24/20 01:00 AM

I was going to say the same thing. I've owned my 86 since it had 9200 miles on it an never had any decals on the air cleaner.
Some 3rd Gen Camaro with the L69 had this decal on the air cleaner lid.

Posted By: OneOwner85

Re: Air Cleaner decal. - 06/12/20 01:45 AM

New one on me, too. What year is your car?
Posted By: Z65_Paul

Re: Air Cleaner decal. - 06/20/20 08:45 PM

I believe that sticker was produced by the now defunct National Monte Carlo Owners Association years ago. I used to have one on a chrome cleaner lid. Not sure if I still have it somewhere or ditched it.

Posted By: kevins88ss

Re: Air Cleaner decal. - 06/24/20 06:12 PM

I think Paul is right. I've never seen one on a Monte SS. It had to be custom. I just used one off yearone for mine.

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