body mount installation??

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body mount installation?? - 04/21/20 05:07 PM

Is it possible to replace the body mounts without using a hoist. I have been looking for a how to video but can't find one.
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Re: body mount installation?? - 05/01/20 02:54 PM

I didn't use a hoist but I did use a couple of floor jacks and 2x4s. You're going to have to remove the rear bumper, since the endura bumper cover is bolted to the body and the bumper is bolted to the chassis. A 3' pry bar came in real handy for me. You're going to want to pay particular close attention to the #2 position mount, which is by the firewall on the passenger side. It tends to collect water from being driven in the elements or condensation from the AC unit. If that part of the frame is too rusty to support the body mount, then you'll need to remove the rusty metal and weld in a repair washer (available through Mike's Montes).

Make sure you only do one side at a time! An assistant makes the job much easier.

I completely removed the mount bolts from one side but only loosened other side. I started soaking the bolts with PB Blaster about a week before undertaking this project. I live in the South West, so our cars are largely spared from rot. I also had no engine, transmission, exhaust or fuel tank in the car when I did mine...having all that in there raises the cornhole pucker factor by 10.
I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more.
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Re: body mount installation?? - 05/01/20 10:35 PM

A little bit of reading here about body mounts installs.
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Re: body mount installation?? - 05/01/20 11:01 PM

And a little bit more reading on body bushings.
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Re: body mount installation?? - 05/02/20 01:33 AM

I just finished this a few weeks ago, you can do it with putting the car on jack stands and and a floor jack. Be sure to remove the bumper covers before attempting to lift. If you need to repair the #2 mounts at the firewall you might want to remove the plastic inner fenders for more working room. Good luck.
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Re: body mount installation?? - 05/04/20 03:47 PM

Thanks for all the help
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