Interior Paint Question

Posted By: TB

Interior Paint Question - 12/17/15 12:46 AM

I'm currently repainting all of my Interior Trim. The car is 1987 with the grey interior. I ordered SEM Brand Medium Grey Spray Paint but the color seems much to light to match the original grey. Does anybody know if SEM or any other brand makes a color that's a closer match to the original color?
Posted By: cj84ss

Re: Interior Paint Question - 12/17/15 01:15 AM

SEM should. I know the blue I needed for mine was an exact match. A little research goes a long way. Easy way would be to get ahold of mikes montes.
Posted By: 84 ZZ4

Re: Interior Paint Question - 12/19/15 03:09 PM

SEM 15213 Bluemist is the one I have used, it is a perfect match for my 84 interior.
Posted By: clean8485

Re: Interior Paint Question - 12/20/15 04:34 PM

I found that SEM #15773 Regal Blue was the best match for the colour of the interior plastics on my '84 Monte SS. Unfortunately, SEM doesn't produce that colour anymore.
Posted By: Gruvin

Re: Interior Paint Question - 12/20/15 07:24 PM

I Think mikes montes has some custom mix spray cans that color match...
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