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SS RIM CLEANER - 06/05/15 12:09 AM

I had some really dirty wheels kicking around I mean really grimed up thick brake dust covered rims. Tried cleaning one with about three different wheel cleaners. Not impressed with any of them. My neighbor told me to go to the grocery store and get easy off oven cleaner. Spray it on and leave it there for a half hour then with a med bristle brush. Give it a good brushing. Then rinse it off with a hose. I couldn't believe these rims. They look brand new. Best 4.99 I ever spent. SO EASY. Hope this saves you guys some time
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 06/05/15 02:09 AM

You'll have to look it up but I believe oven cleaner is hard on aluminum, if it was me I wouldnt use it on them again without checking for sure.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 06/05/15 05:14 AM

Well I used it on 4 rims now and all I saw was the brake dust and all stains just run off and leave a perfectly clean wheel. Didn't damage the rims at all. The only bad thing I forgot to mention was be careful with the brushing with splashing back on you. Oven cleaner will give you a burning sensation. But the wheels look perfect. I will definitely will use it again. Thanks for your feedback lsmonte.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 06/07/15 11:11 PM

Is there any chance the oven cleaner didn't contact the aluminum itself?

The reason I ask is that many aluminum products are clear coated.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 06/08/15 03:43 PM

I have had aluminum sheet pitted by oven cleaner. The other worry I would have is what does it do to rubber? Or paint? No madder how careful you are there will be a little over-spray to other areas.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 06/13/15 09:35 PM

I stripped the clear coat off the non painted part of the rims and polished those parts. Oven cleaner didn't bother those parts at all.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 03/06/16 05:02 PM

I usually don't let my wheels get dirty enough to have the brake dust bake on but this is a good tip to know just in case.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 03/30/16 01:09 PM

What wheel cleaners have you used? I use Adam's Wheel Cleaner (online only) and it is very powerful stuff and gets dust off every time. Just don't let the stuff stay on for too long or it will ruin the wheels.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 07/04/16 11:59 PM

great tip
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 09/04/16 09:38 PM

I posted a wheel cleaning thread a long time ago, I will try to find it.
15 year old thread..
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 10/24/16 02:31 AM

Black magic. Aluminum cleaner or even all wheel cleaner. Sprayed it, waited 2 minutes, hose it off. Clean and shiny.

Couldn't believe I was spending 30-40 minutes a morning scrubbing wheels.

Spraying it on initially, started breaking down the brake dust. Highly recommend it.
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 11/15/16 06:17 PM

I tried Black Magic this weekend and it did nothing. Left it on for 2 minutes, left it on for 45 minutes, scrubbed it with steel wool and it made very little difference.

A few weeks ago I used Evapo-Rust on the car. I spent 24 hours constantly spraying every part of the car that I could see rust on or had scraped the rust off of. Basically kept it wet the whole time. Be careful if you use it under the hood. I gummed up my choke and it took 2 weeks for that to operate correctly again.

Anyways the Evapo-Rust worked extremely well on the wheels, but only to a point. I had brake dust just streaming off of the rims. Prior to this I used degreaser, scrub brush and a power washer and had very poor results.

The rear rims are almost completely clean now. Probably a lot less brake dust exposure since they are drum.

This is what I have left on the front after degreaser, power washer, Evapo-Rust, Black Magic and steel wool. I'm considering blacking out the rims until I replace them with some ralleye wheels or a very cheap clean and local original set.

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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 12/06/16 12:42 AM

Wow, it looks like the wheel has terrible pitting of the clear-coat.
I had a set that 2 were damaged by rear brake cylinders leaking brake fluid, they were a real mess.

You could try using Navy Gel/paint stripper to strip all paint on it, scuff the painted areas and re-paint them, and polish up the machined surface with some Mother's Billet polish.

Here's one that serves as inspiration for some work to be done, but the results can be great!

More pics here, courtesy of 85_SS

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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 09/07/17 01:48 PM

Looks Great!
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 03/27/18 10:32 PM

So, I'm at the point where I can't handle my wheels anymore. Is the consensus kind of in favor of Over Cleaner to get stock SS rims back to life?
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 03/28/18 02:21 PM

Originally Posted by pantherw126
So, I'm at the point where I can't handle my wheels anymore. Is the consensus kind of in favor of Over Cleaner to get stock SS rims back to life?

Heavy duty paint stripper worked for me. I did this 17 years ago, my wheels still look like new. Here is the thread.;Main=24372&Number=218727#Post218727
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 04/13/18 03:16 AM

I think i'm going to try the Stripper next. Oven Cleaner did some good but the wheels need to just get brought back to where they started,
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 10/17/18 12:53 AM

Windex works well too to clean rims
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 04/19/19 02:18 PM

I see this post is older, soo I have to ask
Are there any new products you members have discovered in past few years to clean rims? and are they good enough that you would personally recommend to clean older and neglected rims?
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 05/06/19 12:03 AM

I know this is not an answer to the question asked however i had my rims powder coated years ago and all i have to do is hose them off. Best thing i ever did. Its a 2 stage chrome powder with a clear powder. Maintenance free.

[Linked Image]
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 05/15/19 08:46 PM

From your pic's it Seems to me powder coating is the answer I needed, your rims look new!
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Re: SS RIM CLEANER - 05/15/19 08:47 PM

Looks like my Monte with New rims!
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