Parking Lights:

Posted By: iWON

Parking Lights: - 10/10/21 05:12 PM

I am trying to install these new LED Headlights and they have DRL capability that I was gonna tap into with my parking lights. Does anyone know which wire is the hot going to the parking lights? I can't seem to find a spot to check it with my meter and don't want to tap into the wrong wire and compromise the harness. Thanks
Posted By: mmc427ss

Re: Parking Lights: - 10/11/21 12:39 AM

The BROWN wire is used for parking lights, power from the headlight switch to all parking lamps is BROWN. Behind the Left front headlight is a connection point, junction, for five BROWN wires. Somewhere near the fuse block is another connection point for four BROWN wires coming from the headlight switch.

The fuse for that circuit is TAIL LP, 20 A. Park lights and side markers up front and in the rear, license plate, and also the digital clock display is powered from that circuit. Be careful not to add much amp load to that small BROWN wire, it's only a .5 metric wire, 20 gauge AWG.
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