Flash to pass conversion???

Posted By: Ron G

Flash to pass conversion??? - 03/30/20 05:42 PM

I'm wanting to upgrade the headlights to have flash to pass like the late models do. I have the original Halogen bulbs , which ain't easy to find, lol... I'm gonna guess it's complicated IF it can be done, Has anyone done this ?? It's a 1985 Monte Carlo SS, all wiring and column original
Posted By: Tunedss86

Re: Flash to pass conversion??? - 03/30/20 06:55 PM

Pretty sure, the "flash to pass" is just pulling the stalk towards the driver & the brights come on. Right? So would think you either need to find a column that will work in the Monte, or a switch that will work. Then do a little bit of rewiring.
Posted By: Ron G

Re: Flash to pass conversion??? - 03/30/20 07:10 PM

Yea, that's correct... But I don't have the resources to buy columns to see what fits,lol... Curious if anyone had done it. It's just more confident to use that to signal someone that it's ok to turn in front of me or the warn of wrecks ... Thank you though !! Nice car !!
Posted By: 86ttop

Re: Flash to pass conversion??? - 03/31/20 01:07 AM

Just pull the dimmer handle twice, easy peasy!! when the lights aren't on, it just flashes with one pull!!
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