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Behind Dash Wiring - 08/06/17 04:33 PM

My car was in the shop getting a old alarm system removed and now it won't start. The shop doesn't have a clue as to what they did (my lawyer will find out for me) so I'm stuck fixing it myself. When I look at the fuse box I see some wires cut...
thick orange w/ black stripe that says battery, a pink wire and a grey wire.

Does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram so I can attempt to get my car running again?
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Re: Behind Dash Wiring - 08/07/17 04:50 AM
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Re: Behind Dash Wiring - 08/08/17 02:17 PM

Looking at my manual:
The Black/Orange wire should come from the Power ACC Circuit Breaker and will go to a connector(C353), which will then send 2 Orange/Black wires out. One going to the Door Lock Relay Assembly and one to the Seat Switch.
The Pink wire comes out from the WDO Circuit Breaker and splices into three Pink wires at S340. One wire is not used, the other 2 go to separate connectors(C294 & C295) with one going to the LH Master Switch Assembly and the other to the RH Window Switch.
The Gray wire should come from the "Instrument Lamps" fuse and then splice(S476) and go to various controls on the Dash including the Instrument Panel(I/P). One should come out separately and go to the Defogger Control. Without supplying the diagram, I hope this helps.
I don't see why the car would not start from the above info. However, when the alarm system was installed, I couldn't tell you if they started interconnecting these wires with other wires and circuits.
Is your car at home now where you can personally dig in and investigate it and repair it yourself?
I personally wouldn't trust a shop unfamiliar with these older vehicles for something like this. That will become pretty expensive.
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Re: Behind Dash Wiring - 08/26/17 05:25 PM

None of the factory wiring says "battery" on it so it is likely that that was for the old alarm. Did the old alarm have a starter interup on it killing power to the starter? If the tech had no idea what he cut out a lawyer won't be able to get it out of him.
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Re: Behind Dash Wiring - 08/31/17 09:04 PM

Could you take a picture of the wires that were cut and the plugs they go to? I have a full harness in the garage I can look at
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Re: Behind Dash Wiring - 09/02/17 02:58 PM

I don't think this person ever came back to check for solutions. Has only had 1 post, the one that started this one.
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