*** Celebrating 20 years! ***

Posted By: Z65_Paul

*** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/12/19 05:53 PM

On December 12th, 1999, this message board was opened for the first time. Today we celebrate 20 years of operation! In those 20 years and as of today we've created 83,543 topics and 796,219 posts. The amount of technical knowledge in those collective posts specific to the 4th Generation Monte Carlo is unmatched anywhere.

I want to take this opportunity to first thank the Moderators and my fellow Administrator PaulB for assisting in keeping things running in an orderly fashion. Thankfully, we haven't had to do much moderation of any kind in many many years. The examples of maturity and decorum set by the membership tell newcomers what to expect. So thanks again to my good friends, the Moderators for being their to help guide the direction of the community.

Next, I want to thank the generosity of those members who have helped with contributions over the years to the site maintenance fund. As you know, we have NO visual ads, pop-up ads or user fees at all on this site. It is entirely user supported and operated in a not-for-profit model. Those of you who have contributed over the years make all this possible. You have my deepest thanks for your support over the years.

And finally, a big thank you to the membership of this great community. Twenty years ago I would have told you I would be happy if just a handful of people used the site as a place to garner friendships and exchange technical information related to the car we love. Today, we have over fifteen thousand registered members. The camaraderie and level of technical expertise we've attained in those 20 years is amazing. Yes, our active membership and activity has swanned in recent years mainly due to other platforms (Facebook etc) out there. But none of those platforms can come close to the archived technical knowledge within this community. And I dare say, their level of maturity and camaraderie leave a lot to be desired. You guys make this place special. I appreciate everyone who has helped with providing technical input; for guiding those who need the help; and for welcoming new members.

I honestly don't know what our future holds. But I do know, as long as a handful of folks get use of the site, and foster friendships within, we'll try to be here.

CONGRATULATIONS Community on a fantastic 20 years!

Your humble steward,
Posted By: FrankOC

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/12/19 06:05 PM

Congrats Paul. still my favorite site and part of my daily ritual since finding it.
Posted By: Dalt10

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/12/19 07:04 PM

Congrats! Stop in here everyday. Haven't had a Monte in a while but I'm sure I'll have another.
Posted By: AkronAero

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/12/19 10:18 PM

Paul - again our thanks for a great job. We would never have undertaken a major overhaul if it hadn't been for the knowledge and wisdom (and humor) shared on this site. Making some great friends along the way.
Posted By: mannblk

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/13/19 12:43 AM

Congrats! Just like Rob, I'm still Monte-less, but here every day. Made many friends along the way, lost a few of them. RIP my friends. 20 years is what most consider a "generation" time-wise. Here's to many more! beer
Posted By: Spider_carb

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/13/19 01:57 AM

Haven't been around. But something told me to stop by.
Paul and all the moderators thank you for all you have done for the past 20 years! Here is to 20 more! beer
Posted By: PB86SS/87LS

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/13/19 07:25 PM


I still remember(somewhat) when the site/forum went live and those early days. Forums were the go to source, now as Paul C. said, with other platforms and social media the traffic isn't what it was but many boards have gone by the wayside or at least share the same thing, less traffic. But a bonus of that it's often taken the problem people with it leaving a good group with good questions/discussions smile.
Posted By: SSLance

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/13/19 11:29 PM

Happy Anniversary everyone!! Congrats on the milestone.

I've only been around for a little more than half of that time but I still check back in pretty much every day. The no politics and no religion rule is what sets this forum apart from the majority of others, that idea was revolutionary back then.
Posted By: SS_Smith

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/14/19 09:40 PM

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary MCSS.COM!!!

Paul thanks for all the time, money, blood sweat and tears you have put into making this forum great.
While lots of years have passed and many folks have come and gone it has always been (And still is) a place that I gravitate to regularly even if only as a spider.

While I still have most of my montes, time, age and couch potato syndrome usually keep me from getting to much spark under my butt. couch

Hope you can keep it going many more years and it not become just a fond memory. beer
Posted By: Rocco_Q

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/15/19 05:57 PM

Congratulations Paul & crew on 20 years, its an amazing accomplishment!
Posted By: T5montecarlo

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/15/19 10:06 PM

Congratulations on keeping up a great forum, Paul. I am very glad your site has survived the Facebook invasion and did not die as other forums have.

Posted By: Hunter79764

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/17/19 08:34 PM

I'm happy to be a small part of the forum for a few years now. I couldn't have done the work on my Monte so far without the knowledge, expertise, and helpful nature of the folks here. And thanks to the same thing, I've got plenty of ideas of more work I want to do to it later.
I'm on some of the Facebook groups as well, and it is a completely different world. It is interesting to note that there is a great deal of respect from the people in those Facebook groups for the MonteCarloSS forum, even if they don't join and contribute, they use it as a respected resource. And trust me, "Respect" and "Facebook group" aren't said in the same sentence very often...
Posted By: mmc427ss

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/18/19 03:32 AM

As member #69 I thank Paul for his years of dedication keeping this forum alive and possibly the best forum on the net. THANKS PAUL!
Wow, is it really 20 years now?????

Several of us from the old MONTE-LIST days of getting 700 LIST emails a week can appreciate what a great ways to share info easily, a forum. And a forum also archives that info. Something social media knows nothing about.

Many more years,
Posted By: spoon

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/20/19 01:39 AM

Congratulations this is a great forum .
Posted By: 86ttop

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/20/19 02:25 AM

Member #31, I think!! Congrats and Thanks from me too Paul!! thumbs
Posted By: Crusher

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 12/22/19 05:32 PM

At member #430 I'm a newbie here. This July will be 20 years for me. I can only echo what everyone else has said. Great site and always here when you need it. Thanks Paul.
Posted By: siberhusky0

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 01/01/20 07:51 AM

Congrats on being here for 20 years & happy new year to Paul, the moderators & all the members. I have only been a member for a short time & appreciate the knowledge provided by all involved.
Posted By: NYmonteSS

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 01/16/20 05:52 PM

I feel old now! Great site and its where it all happened!!


I have met so many people because of this site. A few have become very close friends that I see a few times a yr now!!

All but that guy I know from NJ !!!!!!!!!
Posted By: zmans84ss

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 06/14/20 03:42 PM

Congratulations!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 06/20/20 06:56 PM

today it`s 20 years ago I joined this site met a lot of great people and its the only site after 20 years I still visit almost everyday thanks to Paul C and Paul B for the great site they have ran all these years thanks for the great times and info
Posted By: Z65_Paul

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 06/20/20 08:11 PM

Congrats on your 20+ year badge Tony!
Posted By: BoiseSS

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 01/01/21 03:25 PM

Well this July it will be 20 years for me also. However I can't call myself an active member, I take LONG breaks from the forum. That might change since I now have a pile of parts in my garage and waiting for my builder to tell me the painter is ready. Have appreciated this forum for a long time. It has helped me out more than a couple times. Thank you Paul for keeping it going!
Posted By: johnz138

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 03/15/21 01:09 PM

Joined in 2000, great times on the site. Can my year badge be updated? Lol, 15 years was sooo 5 years ago....
Posted By: Z65_Paul

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 03/17/21 06:11 AM

Done.. Congrats on 20 years with us John.
Posted By: Aerocoupe

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 03/28/21 06:25 PM

Posted By: 200kSS

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 07/10/21 02:49 PM

Now #409 checking in. That number has gone down over the years as accounts have been deleted. Anyone else check this site while out of the country on their honeymoon? That was over a decade ago.
Posted By: Z65_Paul

Re: *** Celebrating 20 years! *** - 07/10/21 07:44 PM

Good to see you Brian. Hope all is well with you.

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