500,000 miles

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500,000 miles - 10/12/21 02:54 PM

just turned it yesterday in my 86 monte
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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/13/21 03:07 PM

That is an amazing milestone since some of us are parking and storing them. I only bring mine out of the garage occasionally for car shows and local pleasure drives.
I would never use mine as a daily driver, too much risk from theft, corrosion and accidents.
I might have about 4000 miles in the last 15 years.
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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/13/21 05:04 PM

this is my daily driver AND the newest car ive ever owned!
Posted By: markg

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/13/21 09:10 PM

its out every day ...even in the snow
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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/15/21 12:43 AM

You sir are my hero.

What's your work commute like? Take it on long trips also? What part of the country do you live in?

I drive my 86 442 to work almost daily from April through October, but only manage to put around 3k on it annually.
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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/15/21 04:48 AM

I hope you wash the salt off of it regularly during the winter.
Posted By: Ghost Car

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/19/21 10:20 PM

Markg: Congrads on that milestone. Curious original engine and transmission? How many rebuilds or replacements? I retired my car from daily driver in 1996 with approximately 183K miles. Like Upflying, I currently have 187K miles.
Posted By: jannhall

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/21/21 05:02 AM

Originally Posted by markg
its out every day ...even in the snow

Make sure to run a set of winter tires if you're living in a state where their snow.
Posted By: markg

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/26/21 02:34 PM

i drive 40 miles each way to work and we go on long trips out of state nearly every weekend.covid has set this back a bit though.i have a gm 350 vortec head engine with about 150k on it.
still runs beautiful and goes thru about a quart of oil between changes.ive got a 700r4 with a manually locked up converter for trips and a ford 9 3/8 rear with 350s and a posi.
i run mt 30 x 12 tires in the rear which have very little tread even new.
this makes for quite a ride in the snow or ice with the tires and the posi!
in the snow i dont go over 20 mph.
you would hate to be behind me!
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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/26/21 05:20 PM

Thats quite an accomplishment. Congrats to you and I hope you get many more miles.
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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/26/21 09:47 PM

Hi Markg,

How much of the original car that rolled out of the showroom is still in it? Just trying to get a sense of context here. Generally speaking, any car that reaches 500k miles is original in body and frame (if applicable) only.

Posted By: Buick Runner

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/27/21 12:51 AM

Originally Posted by MAP
Hi Markg,

How much of the original car that rolled out of the showroom is still in it? Just trying to get a sense of context here. Generally speaking, any car that reaches 500k miles is original in body and frame (if applicable) only.


His sig states the car has a Vortec 350, a 7004r trans, and a Ford 9.5 rear, neither came stock on any MC.
Posted By: MAP

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/27/21 02:25 AM

Yes, got that from the first post. And what of brakes, wheels, cooling, and interior? Handling mods?

The purpose in asking isn't to diminish the accomplishment of going half a million miles (= from the earth to the moon and back,) but just to understand the context better.
Posted By: Buick Runner

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/27/21 04:13 AM

I am interested in the condition of the body and frame from decades of road salt exposure. It might not be an issue in AZ, but NJ dumps insane amounts of salt on the roads during winters here. Even modern cars with advance rust protection quickly develop rust problems in a couple of years. I had brand new shocks on my truck turn completely rusty brown after one winter. Basically you can't drive nice cars during northeast winters if you want them to stay nice. The damage road salt causes cannot be overstated.
Posted By: markg

Re: 500,000 miles - 10/27/21 05:04 PM

the drivetrain has been completely changed.its on the 3rd engine and the 2nd rebuild of the 700r..
the frame is not too bad except at the steering box.i recently put a new box in and snapped 2 was only 1/8 round in the center because of water damage.
we had to do some welding and patch it up.thats the 3rd steering box ive had in it but only the first actually new one.
the rear bodymounts were rotted thru and without taking the body off i repaired them the best o could.on the pass side rear i actually had to move one of the bodymounts to another location 3 inches from the original.
every door bolt on the hinges broke on the pass side a few yrs back when i removed the hinges.i had to drill and retap.
the interior is stock with a 60 40 bench seat.the original seat was in very ba cond so i found a like new one locally from an olds.
i try to wash the salt off every time im out in the salt.
the floors are rotted but ive put in sheetmetal not actually sheetpans.
the clearcoat is peeling and its been repainted 2 times ...all silver.
the last time was 8 yrs ago.
ive got a ford 9 3/8 rear in the back with stock 9 inch monte drums.
we put larger drums on it once because i was told it was an upgrade.
they locked up easily and i did a 180 on the highway once going 65.
that was not fun.
i hit a guardrail with the driver quarter but didnt do very much damage.
those brakes came right off and the stock ones went back on.
i also hit a deer going about 60 a few yrs back and destroyed the front.
i found a new front end here on this forum and somehow got it back together!
believe it or not it is the facory windshield still in it and its never been out.its got 3 decent size chips in it and i just recentyl got a big one the size of a quarter.
i used one of those kits on it and it worked pretty good.
now that its startin to get colder ive switched it over to my "winter" mode which it turning the ball valve i have on the heater hose to open so the the coolant can circulate thru!
the car gets lotsa compliments still and even more when people see that its out all the time.
im looking forward to many more years!

not sure if i mentioned that this is the newest car my wife and i have ever owned.
if for some reason i cant drive it i rely on my other 76 jeep cherokee!
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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/27/21 08:18 PM

Wow, very impressive history. I hope you have many more enjoyable miles on your Monte.

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Re: 500,000 miles - 10/27/21 10:39 PM

Hi Markg,

Yes, very impressive indeed! No car is going to go 500k miles without lots of TLC and replacement of wear items. Buick, I lived in the NE for three decades and know of the ravages of street salt. The lower altitudes of AZ have none of that - steel lasts essentially forever here - but the intense UV radiation kills interiors really fast.

Markg, once again congrats on driving your car to the moon and back (!)

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