Hey guys, I just purchased this 1984 Monte Carlo SS with a 350 engine headers, I think Edelbrock manifold holly carburetor. I'm not sure if all these hoses and connections are correct is there a diagram or somebody that could help me with making sure all the Vacuum hoses etc. I set up correctly?[b][/b]
Sounds like someone did an emissionsectomy on your car. Some or all of the factory stuff was removed and is no longer needed. Post a photo of what you have now and the hoses in question.
I can't figure out how to post a pic on here. I do not have a foto bucket or any of that stuff. But yes. The 84 Monte ss . 350 was installed. No more AC etc. Air pumps etc. Holley carb. Intake. I will see what I can do.
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Congratulations! That's a clean engine!
The only thing i can see from the picture, is the vacuum line to the heater diafragm
may be missing (?), which could leave a vacuum leak in the hard line coming from the HVAC AC/heater controls in the dash.
Thanks. It looks better in pics. I think the chrome timing cover is leaking. I just got this car. I have has 6 SS's. First Blue.
First one with 350. I will take better pics without aircleaner. I think that is not the only issue.
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This site could be a lot easier! What is that link you sent? I copied and pasted it to google.
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There isn't much left on your engine that needs vacuum, brakebooster, hvac and distributor. What are the symptoms you are having that makes you think some hoses aren't connected properly? What kind of distributor do you have now? Removing the air cleaner would provide a better look.
When the weather clears up I will take better pics. I know the Dist is not stock. It does not look it.
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I did a little clean up today. So these pics should show a couple issues.
That actuator. I do not know why it's there. The hose is going to intake like it should but what does that other part of the actuator do? Do I even need it?
That little white hard line comes out over near where AC condenser is. No more AC... Goes to? The black canister is broken and will buy a new one.
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