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#814129 08/01/2010 7:34 PM
by SSLance
I started with a basically stock, low mileage, leaky and dirty underneath but solid body with decent paint and fantastic interior 1985 Burgundy \ Burgundy Monte Carlo and this thread will chronicle how I turned it in to the Monte I always wanted.

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#1075561 Nov 2nd a 04:12 AM
by SSLance
I will say this, we put on a 1" spacer mid way through and it added almost 20 peak hp. It did not clear up the other issue we found and fought all day though.

I'll post up a full report later. Let's just say I'm pretty happy with the results. laugh
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#1075266 Sep 23rd a 02:03 AM
by 1 Slow SS
1 Slow SS
I'm staying with GM F.I units, IMO Holley EFI's are kludge systems which induce a lean condition.
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#1075296 Sep 27th a 09:03 PM
by SSLance
5th remote tune from Tony cleaned most everything up. I guess my detailed explanation in the video above made it clear enough for him to correct. The car is now super scary in 1st and 2nd gear from any RPM and real good in 3rd and 4th gear from 3,000 RPM and up. Even in the lower RPMs in higher gears it's smooth...if I didn't look at the display and see the rich AFR I wouldn't know there was an issue. But frankly it shouldn't ever be in that range and gear in a race situation anyway.

Plan now is to just drive it some and see what it does. The learn table looks great after a long drive today so no issues that need attending as far as I'm concerned. I need to check in with the Tony's front desk guy to see when he has time to get the car back on the rollers for some WOT tuning and final numbers.
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#1075559 Nov 2nd a 03:05 AM
by SSLance
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#1075825 Dec 11th a 03:00 AM
by mmc427ss
Children, children, it's the holidays, fight nice would ya. Santa won't bring you more toys if you don't behave yourselves.
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