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Monte Carlo SS Message Board Mission:
To provide a community for discussion, information exchange, technical advice, private parts/car transactions, and gatherings related to the 4th Generation array (1983-1988) Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, in a casual and fun environment that fosters friendships amongst its membership.

Community Core Values
The cornerstone value of our community is mutal respect between members. We pride ourselves in having a mature, civil, yet fun atmosphere where members are able to debate differing opinions without flame wars, snide remarks or childish bickering. Our community enthusiastically welcomes new members. Our members are always willing to offer helpful advice to both the technical novice and expert alike.

Membership Expectations
As a member of this Message Board community, you are expected to abide by the rules, guidelines and community values set forth on this page. Our members are reflections and ambassadors of this community. As such they are expected to act in the community, on the street, at the track and at a car show in a responsible, respectful manner.

You are also expected to practice common "netiquette" while participating on the Message Board in consideration to the other community members. As part of netiquette, avoid posting using all caps. IT LOOKS LIKE AND WILL BE INTERPRETED AS YOU'RE SHOUTING! The Message Board Administration also expects you to periodically re-review these rules and guidelines as they are periodically enhanced.

Board Moderation
The Monte Carlo SS Message Board is a moderated community. However, considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board, it is impossible for us to immediately review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of or any entity associated with The staff of makes every effort to ensure that no material in the forums, or any other section of the site, is plagiarized or copyrighted. If it is found to be so, it will be edited to include appropriate citation, or the information will be deleted altogether. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable or violates these rules is encouraged to contact the Message Board Administration immediately by email or use the "report post" feature at the lower right of every post. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. This is a manual process however, so please realize that we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately.

Your Responsibility
You agree, through your use of this service, to abide by all of the rules and guidelines on this page, and that you will not use this Message Board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, derogatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by

Keep on Topic
By posting to this Message Board you also agree to keep on-topic for the forum in question. Repeatedly posting off-topics will result in the removal of your posting privileges. Forum Moderators and the Message Board Administrator will provide guidance and re-direction when topics venture too far into the gray area between on-topic and off-topic. Our purpose is to keep discussions within the community flowing in the right direction array(as defined by the Message Board Mission Statement), not to attack anyone's position or thought. Blatantly off-topic posts, or threads continuing toward out-of-scope or disagreeable subjects will be deleted or locked without warning, and posting privileges of the parties involved may be removed.

Inappropriate Topics
There are a few topics that are strictly forbidden at all times in this community. Because of their highly contentious nature, posts relating to politics and religion will no longer be allowed on this message board. The message board administration and moderators feel these topics and the eventual flame wars that result are counter to the values that this community is based. We welcome healthy constructive debate on virtually all other topics, so long as members respect one another, and maintain an open mind in the process. In addition, does not condone street racing of any kind, at any time, at any place. For that reason, topics that boast of street racing are strictly forbidden. Also, while we encourage your race stories against other types of vehicles at the track, we discourage pointless bashing of non-SS vehicles, be them foreign or domestic (as seen on other message boards). We each have our own personal feelings and prejudices for and against other cars. Accept this and move on. Bashing them is counter to the atmosphere we are trying to create on the Message Board, and considered off topic.

Although the Message Board Administration does not and cannot immediately review the messages posted and is not responsible for the content of any of these messages, we do reserve the right to delete any message or lock any thread for any or no reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owner of, the Message Board Administrators, Forum Moderators, Groupee Corporation array (the makers of the bulletin board software), and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of any message on this Message Board.

The Message Board Administration also reserves the right to reveal your identity array (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

For-Sale / Want Ads
Commercial advertisements and solicitations are allowed only if prior arrangements have been made between the commercial entity and the Message Board Administration. Commercial posts are restricted to the "Authorized Vendors" forum on the board.

Private party advertisements and transactions are approved and encouraged in their respective forums. However, auction style for-sale ads, soliciting increasingly higher bids on any item are not allowed. For-Sale ads must include an asking price. provides no warranty expressed or implied on any part or vehicle offered for sale. All transactions are purely between the two private parties array (buyer & seller). shall not be held responsible in any way if fraudulent activity occurs. All parts and vehicles should be considered as-is unless specific arrangements have been made between the buyer and seller. will not arbitrate, or act as escrow agent for any transaction instituted here-in. The Message Board Administration expects both buyers and sellers to conduct their personal business here on the Message Board in a responsible, ethical and non-fraudulent manner. Failure to do so will result in suspension of posting privileges. If you have multiple items for sale, we recommend you consolidate them into a single post rather than posting a separate ad for each.

E-Bay Auction Restriction: Posts referring to specific online auctions (such as E-Bay) for the purpose of soliciting more auction bids are prohibited. Replies to Want-Ads here on the Message Board that point to auctions, there-by pointing the person looking for parts to a specific auction, are allowed. The intent is to prevent the advertisement of auctions (whether you are the seller or not) soliciting auction bids. You will find this general rule on most e-mail lists and message boards that are out there. Also, posts with pointers to auctions with the intent of asking a question about some aspect of the item for sale are still allowed and encouraged. It boils down to: Do not post an unsolicited ad on this board pointing to an auction for the purpose of getting more exposure and thus more bids for the auction. If you have a question about whether or not a post is appropriate, contact the Message Board Administration via e-mail.

You may set up a signature string within your user profile. The signature string will appear at the end of each post that you make within each thread, provided you set your preferences to do so. As a courtesy to other users array (proper netiquette), you must limit the size of your signature string to no more than 6 lines of text. This should be more than enough space. You are also allowed to embed images into your signature using UBB code. Refer to the board FAQ for more information on the UBB code. The size of the total signature image must be limited to no larger than 450 pixels wide by 113 pixels tall (450x113). This size limit allows for 3 side-by-side pictures that are 150x113 in size to be combined into one. 150x113 is the same aspect ratio as 640x480, 800x600 etc. Signature image contents must be 3rd or 4th Generation Monte Carlo related and non-commercial in nature. Authorized Vendors may have commercial related images in their signatures, but must adhere to all other signature rules. Please keep signature image file size below 50Kbytes. Users with signatures that do not meet these specifications will be requested to modify them. Failure to do so will result in suspension of posting privileges until the requested changes have been made. These restrictions are present to keep the community 4th Generation Monte Carlo centric, reduce the abuses of signature privileges seen on other message boards, and keep page download time to a minimum. In keeping with the minimum download time theme, animated signature images are discouraged. reserves the right to modify your signature for any reason at any time if we feel these rules and guidelines have not been adhered to.

Embedded Code and Images
As an added feature on the Message Board, both HTML and UBB code may be embedded in a post to enhance the post's style and presentation. Embedding code that produces music or audio is prohibited. Do not abuse this feature by embedding exotic code. Abuse will result in suspension of posting privileges. If you want to embed code beyond typical text styling elements, contact the Message Board Administrator first for approval.

Embedded images should be of a reasonable physical and file size to aide in download time. Embedded GIF images that contain multiple large auto-updating pictures are not allowed due to their size and processor time required to view / update.

Community Security: Yahoo / Hotmail Ban
Unfortunately, we have had to take the step of banning all Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts for registrations on the Message Board due to their use by some trouble makers who have nothing better to do than cause grief in the community. Both of these email providers offer services that are too easily abused due to how easily email accounts are obtained. Please use the email address your ISP provided, or use one of the other, more secure email services that are available to register. In addition, all registrations undergo and email verification, and a manual, direct review and acceptance by the Board Administrator array (Z65_Paul) before posting privileges are granted. Please be patient, this approval usually happens within 12 hours of your registration submittal. A followup email is sent to you once your posting privileges have been established. If you have questions about this policy, contact the Message Board Administrator directly.

Age Restriction
To conform with Federal Regulations, the owner of has chosen to restrict the participation of those under 13 years of age. If you are under 13, you are not allowed to participate on the Monte Carlo SS Message Board, or provide any personal information to

Membership is a Privilege
Finally, remember that participation on this Message Board is a privilege, not a right. reserves the right to revoke that privilege for any user it deems has violated the Message Board rules and guidelines at any time without warning.

Support is a not-for-profit, privately operated site. Costs associated with this site and Message Board are all funded by user donations. Your support through contributions is appreciated, keeps the site going, and ensures a banner ad free environment. Contact the webmaster if you would like to help support

If you haven't yet read the Rules and Guidelines above, you must do so before clicking "I Accept" and proceeding. Please respect our community by taking the few minutes needed to review them. Ultimately it is in your own best interest to understand and follow these Rules and Guidelines!

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