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Chat Channel Java Gateway
Jpilot jIRC applet only support Netscape4.0, IE4.0 or above.
Please grant the permission when the pop up window appears from Netscape and IE.


Sorry, the Monte Carlo Chat Channel Gateway requires Java support. Either Enable JAVA support in your web browzer, or go to the mIRC homepage and download the latest version of their free IRC software, then follow the instructions below.


Welcome to the Monte Carlo IRC Chat Homepage. The chat channel is now located on the Sorcery IRC network under the channel name #MonteCarloSS. Although the channel's chat topics center around Monte Carlos of all generations, owners of all GM G-Body cars are welcome to join in the fun. See the Channel Guidelines below for further information.

On this web page you will find a Java Gateway (above) which will allow you to enter the chat channel without special IRC software. We do however, recommend that you connect direct to the Sorcery network #MonteCarloSS channel if you have IRC software installed. You will also find a list of regular visitors of the Monte Carlo Chat Channel, with pictures of their cars, and links to their web pages.

Please review the chat channel guidelines listed below. All channel visitors are required to adhere to the guidelines listed. Violation of these guidelines are cause for permanent bannishment from the channel. The guidelines are straight-forward, fair and easy to follow.

If you plan to use the Java Gateway above, please review the operating instructions listed below before proceeding. The Gateway can be a quirky thing. Knowing about some of the quirks before-hand will make your stay in the chat room more pleasant.

Finally, the links to pictures and web pages located in the Regulars List below will open separate windows. This was implemented to eliminate Gateway users from being dropped out of the channel when browsing through links and pictures.

Enjoy your stay!

Chat Channel Guidelines

The Monte Carlo Chat Channel, as well as any internet special interest group is made up of a community of users, both regular residents and visitors passing through. As with any community, some rules are required to keep order, provide direction and deal with abusive users in the chat room. Please read through the following Monte Carlo Chat Channel guidelines. They should be straight-forward, fair and easy to follow. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Channel Founder via the link at the bottom of the page.

Java Gateway Instructions

The Monte Carlo Chat Channel Java Gateway is a great way to allow access into the channel for those who do not have an IRC client software installed such as mIRC. If you plan on being a regular visitor of the Monte Carlo Chat Channel, we highly recommend that you download the free IRC software available from mIRC or equivalent. The options and ease of use of the IRC software products available vastly improve your chat enjoyment.

Instructions for using the Java Gateway are shown below. The Gateway can be a quirky thing to operate. Read through all of the items below before connecting to the chat channel via the Gateway.

IRC Software Instructions

If you have an IRC client software available, such as mIRC, you can connect directly to the Monte Carlo Channel (#MonteCarloSS) by first connecting to the server. Since this is a small IRC network net splits, lag between chatting users and difficulty in logging in will be just about non-existent.

Chances are your copy of mIRC already has the Sorcerynet server in it. Look for the "Sorcery" group in the server list, and connect to the "Sorcerynet: Random Server" selection. Otherwise, you can add "" to your server list and connect to port 9000. Also, you can use "" as the server name and that will direct you to Sorcerynet. It is handy in that you don't have to remember what the server name is.

Once you have found or added the above server, you can connect by clicking on the 'Connect to IRC Server!' button.

Once you've connected to the IRC network, type in "/join #MonteCarloSS" and hit return. Your IRC client software should connect you to the #MonteCarloSS Channel. You will find people in there at various times of the day. There are a few of us night owls who hold Monte Vigil late in the evenings (between 6PM and Midnight Pacific). We have a great time.

If you connect to the channel and find no-one is there, stay awhile. If everyone just popped in and then out immediately when nobody was there, the likelyhood of people finding eachother is drastically reduced. My suggestion would be to try your connections at the top and bottom of the hour, and stay at least 5 to 10 minutes. If everyone did that, your chances of running into other Monte owners will be significantly increased. Evenings seem to be very active. Lately, there hasn't been an evening gone by without at least a few people chatting in the channel constantly. If you're having problems finding people in the channel when you connect, please email me and I'll try to connect up with you. Also, if you have questions about an IRC client software such as mIRC (which I use), I will try to help you out as much as I can. And finally, if you'd like to be included in the "regulars" list above, please drop me a note with your information.

Even though this channel's primary purpose is chat about the Chevy Monte Carlo of all generations, we invite all of our GM G-Body brethren to stop by for some great chat. The channel is not exclusive to Monte Carlos only. Thanks and Good Luck!

WebTV User Instructions!

Now WebTV users can join in the fun on the Monte Carlo Chat Channel. Below are the instructions specifically for WebTV users to connect to the channel:

Web Rings